09/04/12 Meeting Minutes

In case you missed it…

At the SLUDA meeting on September 4th at 6 p.m. we talked about:

  • Your new eboard- check our eboard link for details
  • Free GRE practice exam- sign up on www.kaptest.com by Oct. 13
  • Open leadership positions in the organization
    • Service Committee Leader:
    • Service/ Community/ Fundraising committee members:
    • Click here to apply
  • We will be carpooling to:
    • Food Summit: to hear experts speak about nutrition (Sept. 15 & 16 at noon)
    • Brautigam’s Farm for a tour and possible apple/pumpkin picking (Sept. 29 at 9 am)
    • World Food Day– Oct. 12
    • Hiking in Castlewood (Oct. 13 at 9 am)
  • We are participating in:
  • We need your input:
    • What is a good or bad meeting date for meetings?
    • Do you prefer short frequent meetings?
    • What should our t-shirts look like?
    • Do you have suggestions for a consistent service activity?
  • DUES are due at the next meeting (TBA) and will be $5 a semester
  • If you ever want to host your own SLUDA event let us know!
  • SLUDA Blog!  Let us know if you have an idea for a blog post or sign-up here.
  • Announcements will be posted on the department SLU Global site.  If you aren’t part of the Nutrition and Dietetics department let us know so we can email updates!
  • Gretchen pitched a few activities.  Check with her if you are interested:
    • Participate in Pedal the Cause, October 6-7
    • Volunteer with Global Brigades
    • Set up an educational program at the Health Resource Center

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