Tips for Working with the Media & Cookie Decorating

13 Jan
After decorating cookies, SLUDA members gathered in front of the tree for a festive photo!

After decorating cookies, SLUDA members gathered in front of the tree for a festive photo!

What do you think of when I say “Dietitians in the Media”? That was the question posed by Lauren Landfried to start her discussion about the role of the RD in communicating nutrition information through media channels.
Do we see enough RDs in this expert role? No. We do not see enough RDs, the nutrition experts, speaking in the media but we should!

Lauren has appeared on several local news channels:

  • Fox 2 News in the Morning with Tim Ezzel in a 3-part segment on the N&D Garden covering background on the garden, disability access and the chickens as well as a feature on local Let’s Move activities.
  • Channel 11, 2 and 5 to promote Food Day
  • Channel 9 discussing Food Security

Here are her tips for working with the media:

  1. Be prepared for EVERYTHING!  Do your research!
  2. Be confident! You are the expert!  Your lack of confidence will show.
  3. Smile and dress professional. Even for radio interviews!
  4. Have fun! You are entering a cool field.

Q&A with Lauren

Do you get nervous?
Yes. Every time. I freak out on the inside but I calm myself. I remind myself that I am the expert. I have never been asked anything I didn’t know but it is OK if it happens. Roll with it.

Looking back on your first interview, is there anything you wish you had done differently?

Hand motions don’t look so good on tv

What dietitian do you like to watch?
I just don’t see enough from the profession, so you should get inspired to lead the charge!!  Be proud of your profession.

The meeting was a joint session with the Culinary Club!  It is the first of many collaborations so be part of both!  Upcoming joint activities include swanky restaurant tours.  Stay tuned!  To learn more about the Culinary Club, search “SLU Culinary Club” on Facebook to locate their page.

We also voted on the new Service Committee leader and discussed a wish list for future meetings.

We topped it all off with icing, of course!  Check out some of the festive cookies (fashioned by Kimaya) and watch a clip of one of Lauren’s first on-camera interviews.

Have a wonderful holiday!
Holiday Cookies


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