Make a Difference Day 2012

1 Nov

Make a Difference Day at the Saint Louis Botanical Garden

What were you up to this weekend? Studying, baking, running, traveling? For over 3,000 SLU students the answer to this question is simple: participating in Make a Difference Day. For those who are Make A Difference Day (MADD) newbies, I will give you a quick rundown. One Saturday every October, thousands of SLU students rise early and come together to engage in service throughout the Saint Louis Community. Each year the event has a special theme. This year it was sustainability. Very fittingly, this year’s group of SLUDA volunteers was sent to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Though a bit chilly, the day was gorgeous (see picture above), fun, and rewarding.

This weekend was the last for the Children’s garden so many activities were set up as a final goodbye to the flower-friendly weather. Stations included bouquet making, planting daffodil bulbs, face painting and—my personal favorite—tasting fresh vegetables grown right in the Botanical Gardens. It was great to see so many children out, active and eating fresh veggies. Surprisingly beets were very popular among the 10 and under crowd!

With the beautiful scenery, happy children and awesome volunteers, MADD at the Botanical Gardens was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Hopefully I’ve enticed you to getting involved with this and other SLUDA community events. See you next year—bright and early—for MADD 2013!

Beth Grollmes is a sophomore majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics.  When she isn’t encouraging children to try new veggies, Beth can be found sipping cappuccinos or watching Friends.


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