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Gabby Geerts answers – “What is SLUDA? “

31 Oct

SLUDA.  What’s that all about?  Yes, it is the catchy acronym for Saint Louis University Dietetic Association, but it stands for much more than that.  And what better way to highlight this than the classic grade school acrostic?

Service.  It is important for us to give back to the community through charitable acts and volunteering.  Our involvement is focused around health and well being.  This year we are working with Campus Kitchen ( to help combat hunger in the Saint Louis Community and are coordinating an Empty Bowls ( fundraiser.

Leadership.  Within the group there is a handful of positions available for students to become directly involved in leadership roles but indirectly the entire group leads by example through our acts of service and efforts to raise awareness of health related issues.

Unity.  SLUDA members range from freshman to senior to graduate students but one would never guess that based on the cohesiveness of the group.  We work, play, study, and often eat together.

Driven.  Whether it be in the classroom, an intramural game, or doing the dishes in Fresh Gatherings, effort is always at 100%.  This attitude can be seen through our commitment to making SLUDA not only a legitimate group but also an influential group on campus.

Awesome.  Really no need to elaborate on this one other than the fact that all the members, meetings, and group outings are awesome.


Gabby Geerts – SLUDA Service Committee Leader


Gardens to Table Food Day

16 Oct

Come join us this October 24th to celebrate Food Day!!

Time: 11AM-1PM

Location: Nutrition and Dietetics Garden at the corner of Compton and Rutger on SLU’s Allied Health Campus

We will be teaching about sustainable food systems by having several stations around our garden teaching about food deserts and food access, composting and vermiculture, how to get involved with CSA’s and Slow Foods St. Louis, fighting childhood obesity, and the process of growing and promoting healthy, sustainable and just food that uses humane agricultural practices.  The event will kick off with a speech from our keynote speaker, Russ Kremer.  This will be held at the bleachers around the track across the street from the garden.  He will discuss why he switched from industrial agricultural practices to a method limiting the use of antibiotics and eliminating hormones and additives. Then, we will all cross the street to the garden where the stations and food will be presented.  For the stations, we will have a variety of experts such as the St. Louis Food Policy Council, Healthy Youth Partnership, Slow Foods St. Louis, and other agencies that work with these topics to teach of their individual disciplines.

Along with having stations teaching ways to get involved, we will also be serving a lunch for the mere price of $4.  This lunch will consist of “Pulled Pork Sandwiches” using pork from Heritage Acres Farms and barbecue sauce from Pappy’s Smokehouse, “Bean and Beer Soup” using beans from Bellews Creek Farm  and beer from Schlafly Bottleworks,  “Dixie’s Baked Squash” with squash from Three Girls and a Tractor Farm, “Farm Fresh Salad” using produce from Berger Bluff Farm  and fresh herbs from our organic garden,  and Sweet Potato Cookies with sweet potatoes from Schuetz Farms. 
There will be shuttles running from the residence halls to our garden to transport SLU students that have not gone home for fall break.  We have also secured free parking in our Hickory East parking garage during this event.

Here is a link to the national website!

Tshirts and Sweatshirts – Signup here!

16 Oct


As discussed at the last meeting, we will soon be placing orders for SLUDA clothing.

We are ordering two items. You are welcome to purchase either one separately, or both.

The sweatshirts will resemble the above picture with the SLU fleur de lis in the left corner. Underneath the fleur de lis will be the words “Nutrition and Dietetics.”

The cost for a sweatshirt will be _________.

We are still accepting tshirt designs. Please email with ideas!

Interested in purchasing SLUDA clothing?

Please click the link below and indicate the size of the item you would like.

World Food Day

16 Oct

Newsflash: There are not one, but TWO Food Days in October!

In addition to Food Day on October 24th, World Food Day is this October 16th – its purpose is to “increase awareness, understanding and informed,  year-around action to alleviate hunger.”

In observation of World Food Day, Washington University Graduate students have planned a series of events throughout the week and have invited us to participate.

Check out the flyer below!


6 Oct

Welcome to the new SLUDA website.  This is the first post, but expect more to come!